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Delicious taste

We select snacks which are not only good for you but also melt in your mouth. We try every snack before we put it in the box, and include only the tastiest ones


Do not waste time looking for new snacks or travelling to a store... we pick it, pack it and deliver straight to your door at your chosen frequency. Can't get easier than this


Forget bulk buying and munching on the same snack every day. Titbits box includes a diverse set of yummy snacks to keep you not only satisfied and healthy but also excited and motivated

Value for money

Healthy and tasty does not need to be expensive. We work with the best snack brands to give you best value-for-money in a Titbits box. You will pay less per snack compared to buying in store


Active lifestyle

Whether it's before hitting the gym or after a good workout, our titbits help you replenish your energy levels. Active lifestyle requires a good diet, and a good diet requires well thought-through snacking options

Healthy diet

Forming healthy eating habits is hard as it is... and sometimes you just crave a snack, nothing wrong with that! Titbits ensure you always have one nearby, and you can eat our healthy snacks without guilt

Busy days

Meeting after meeting after meeting (half of which could have been an email)... we know! Titbits are great for those manic days when you just can't catch your breath and you need to keep going

I like the balance of Titbits boxes. There's loads of healthy snacks to enjoy but there's also some sweeter options included so that I can treat myself when I feel like it


My local grocery store had limited selection of healthy snacks, and they were all quite pricey. Titbits boxes include a much wider selection, and a better price too!


I like the convenience. Titbits box is delivered every month and it always contains new snacks I've never even heard of - but I love them! I'm always excited to see what's inside the box