• How does the subscription work?

    At the checkout, you can choose whether you'd like your Titbits to arrive every 2 weeks or every month. We try to make the process hassle-free for you, so we will charge you automatically every time we ship a box to you. If at any point your circumstances change and you need to pause or cancel your subscription, you can do so easily (no strings attached, really) by emailing us at snacks@titbits.store or in 'My Account' section on the website
  • Where can I see information about my subscription?

    To view your subscription and your deliveries please go to ‘My Account’ section of the website. Here you will be able to see your subscription, past deliveries, and you will also be able to cancel or pause your subscription as well as change your delivery address. When you order your first Titbits box, you will get an email with a link to access your account easily.

  • Can I purchase a one-off box?

    Right now the only option to get a full to the brim Titbits box of healthy snacks is via subscription. If at any point your circumstances change and you need to pause or cancel the subscription, you can do so easily by emailing us at snacks@titbits.store or in 'My Account' section on the website

  • What snacks can I expect in a Titbits box?

    Our box contents vary but it will always be filled with a good selection of tasty snacks to keep you going and keep the munchies at bay. We work with the best healthy snack brands to ensure Titbits boxes are exciting every time they land at your doorstep. You can expect a mix-and-match combination of healthy bars, crisps, no-refined sugar chocolates, nuts, seeds and many more.

    We will send you an email with an overview of what is in your Titbits box every time we ship one.

  • Can I change the snacks in my box?

    We curate a diverse and changing selection of snacks every month. We think it is part of your job to make sure we select the tastiest options for you, and we do the homework to ensure that. We will also ask for your feedback on every box we ship you so that we get to know which snacks you like and why. As a rule of thumb, Titbits box contents are carefully chosen and should not be changed but if you feel strongly about some of the snacks we are including, please get in touch and we will try to accommodate.

    We do have plans to do personalised boxes for every customer in the future based on their feedback and preferences but please bear with us while we work out how to do it in a sustainable way

  • What about dietary restrictions?

    Most of our snacks are vegan and gluten-free but there can be an occasional snack that is not. If you have strict dietary restrictions, please indicate so at the checkout in the 'Add a note' section or simply let us know by getting in touch at snacks@titbits.store . We will do our best to accommodate your dietary restrictions.