How it works


We take pride in working hard so that we can find the best healthy snacks in the whole of the UK and Europe. We are continously on the search for new brands and tastes. We trial every snack before putting it in the box, and make sure that every single included brand adheres to the highest quality and taste standards.


All you need to do is order your Titbits box on our website. If you're reading this, you are in the right place! Oh, almost forgot - you will also need to eat the snacks once they arrive (hopefully not in one go).


Once we receive your order, we pack together the tastiest snacks and send it off, aiming to send out all new orders in 2-3 days. For subscription orders, we aim to send out the monthly boxes around the 10th of each month, and the fortnightly boxes around the 10th and the 25th of each month.


We hand over your precious Titbits box to our reliable delivery partners - your snacks will be delivered by Royal Mail as a rule of thumb. They deliver the box straight to your door.


It arrives, and all you need to do is enjoy delicious, various snacks inside your Titbits box!


Depending on the frequency of your subscription, we repeat this again in 2 or 4 weeks' time.


Still got questions? Please check out our FAQs section or simply get in touch with us via email or via the Messenger button on the bottom left of the screen.